Beluga AD – the Bulgarian Producer and Wholesale Exporter of Beluga Caviar and Other Sturgeon Products in Superb Quality

  • CITES-Noted
  • ISO-Certified
  • Export licensed
  • High hygienic standards and according veterinary documentation
  • Own processing premises
  • Own sturgeon young fish breed plant
  • Own logistics service

The Footholds of Our Success:

A favorable geographical position
Following their natural instincts, once a year the sturgeon fish leave the Black Sea Basin and enter the stream of the Danube to return to the sea after the end of the multiplication period. On their journey up and down the river they pass the Bulgarian Danubian town of Vidin, where Beluga AD is seated and where traditionally the best catch for the whole length of the Danube is harvested.

High hygienic standards, modern technical equipment and an excellently prepared team of employees – this is how we achieve the quality of our products.

Our goals: trust on the part of our business partners and content on the part of the consumers. They are the main reason for our prompt success. For Beluga AD was only founded in 2001 but has already obtained the name of a reliable business agent.